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Family History Legacy Videos & Mementos



We can help capture a precious life story & legacy on video!

We help people tell their stories in their own homes, using professional interview techniques, so that their memories can exist in video form for future generations.

With online capabilities, there is no area we can’t cover. The process is simple. We ask you for the basic information regarding the person to be interviewed and their tech capabilities e.g. do they have a computer, mobile phone, or a tablet? Do they have 'Zoom capabilities'?

The rest is easy. You can suggest some questions you want the interviewer to ask or just leave it to us.

We simply send you (or the person to be interviewed) the link to our integrated video platform which has the 5 questions automatically uploaded and ready for you to answer. You start the interview whenever you're ready, from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want to do it). You answer the 5 questions and then hit done - your answers are automatically sent to us and 7-14 days later we send you a link with the final edited interview. Easy as that! 

Depending on the product you select, we will even upload photos and videos to be added to the completed interview video for your family to view forever.

Complete our  Online Contact Form  if you have any questions at all. Don’t wait because this is the time you have made this decision to look at our website. So do it now! Don’t put it off as you may never have this opportunity again.

A grandparent's Legacy Videos & Memento

Market Need

In 2020, the world went into lockdown. Families were kept in their homes for extended periods of time, sometimes with terrible consequences for their loved ones. Unable to go in person to visit family and friends, Zoom took a major place in our lives.

In July 2020, Tim thought about his grandmother, Helen Adams, who was 95 at the time. He thought of her life and what she had seen. He wanted to know more about her treasured stories and memories - and capture Helen in real life. He wanted to allow her to “tell her story” and to give the family a historical sense of what she had gone through in the 95 years of her life.

And so, My Video Memories was born! And we've been helping other families relish those treasured memories ever since. 

About our Interviewer, Tim Martin

Tim is a former television presenter, newspaper editor and award winning journalist. His career has taken him around the world and he's interviewed and encountered the likes of Her Majesty The Queen; movie stars such as Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Craig; leading global politicians from Boris Johnson to Tony Abbott; and sporting celebrities like John Eales, José Mourinho & Michael Clarke.  Tim's extensive experience has enabled him to unlock the secrets to being a world class interviewer.

His passion for producing creative videos took him to London, England for five years where he worked as a producer/director for the likes of Red Bull, Jaguar Land Rover, Eurostar, amongst others.

Since his return to his native Australia, Tim has set up his own production company and worked with individuals and brands such as Tourism Australia, Destination NSW, Toyota, Optus, Nokia, NAB and many more to create some outstanding video campaigns and content.

He's happiest when he's interviewing individuals and loves drawing out the innermost personality traits of the person he is interviewing. Maybe even unearthing some secrets along the way.  Tim knows the key to a good interview lies in the interviewee being comfortable and this is why his style is very relaxed.

Tim is a keen family man who adores his wife and baby daughter. He's a keen ocean swimmer, cyclist and rugby player; is a luxury and travel writer (when he can find a modicum of spare time) and loves travelling the world with his young family.

About Tim
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