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(Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • What is included in your purchase?
    Our standard package includes our selection of five (5) questions. With this package, you will get an email with a link to our integrated video platform, where you can answer the questions via video responses in your own time. We will offer editing and enhancement of your personalised video into one entire, individual and beautiful video package. We will also top and tail your video to suit your need. Finally we provide a link that can allow you to download your personal video - or you can share it with family and friends.
  • What does the Video look like and can I get an opening shot placed in the Video?
    The Video has a graphic of the participants name and date of Birth (optional). If you choose, a personalised photo can be included upon request at the opening scene of the video.
  • Can I choose the questions?
    We choose your storyteller’s questions from our library. However, depending upon what package you select - you can select or edit our questions, or even write your own, so you have full flexibility with the topics your storyteller can write about.
  • Can I invite two storytellers?
    Yes. If you want two storytellers on the same video. Be sure to have both on the video at the same time. They must be in the same room unless you have selected the Zoom option. In that case we would send two email invites to the Zoom meeting and video them together.
  • What happens if I miss a question?
    Don't worry - our integrated video platform is super easy to use! You can't move onto the next question until you have answered the one before, so there is no chance of missing questions or of doing it wrong. You'll be amazed at how easy the whole process is.
  • How do I submit my story?
    After you have finished answering all the questions, you simply enter your name and email in the space provided, and then click the final button to send us your answers. It's as easy as that.
  • Is there a time limit to my video answers?
    We recommend that you keep each answer to 2-3 minutes. You can go up to 5 minutes per question however this may impact the final delivery - your polished video may by being too long and drawn out. So it's better to keep it nice and succinct.
  • Can I include photos?
    If you have selected a package that contains photos, choose to email us or upload your video and send it to us. Please remember to tag your photos with a clear description of the photo/video contents. We recommend you send it to us via the UPLOAD process. Choose to email us or UPLOAD your video and send it to us. Plus any relevant photos you want included.
  • Can I include captions with my photos?
    We recommend you do. So Yes! Type the caption directly underneath the photo otherwise the photos may be displayed with an unrelated answer.
  • What is your return policy?
    If, for any reason, you’re not thrilled with your My Video Memories purchase, we offer full refunds within 5 days. We will remove the link before we refund your purchase.
  • How long does it take for the final video to be posted (emailed) to me?
    We usually take around 14 days after your final video to edit and send back a link with your completed video.
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