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HOW TO ...


Step 1


Select the package you want to use:

- 5 Question Package

- Zoom Meeting Interview

- Bespoke Package

Step 2


When you receive your email, choose a pretty and quiet spot to do your interview and then hit start. 

Step 3


Answer the questions via the link in your email - then hit SEND once you're finished and your answers are automatically sent to us.

Family History Legacy Videos & Mementos

Video Tips

First things first: you need somewhere to film your answers. Ideally, you’ll want a quiet room where you can close the door and set up a phone/tablet/computer, but you can do this just about anywhere.

You don’t need a studio environment — in fact, it can add a little personality to your video if the scene looks homey. For example, a couch and plant combination? In front of a bookshelf?

Remove anything that’s distracting and rearrange the scene to help improve the overall shot. Because you’re looking to create a permanent space for your videos, consider choosing a room where you can control the light. That way, you’ll have a consistent look throughout all of your answers.


Consider doing your answers all at once or all at the same time of day and if you are doing it at night, make sure the lighting is the same. It is good to wear the same clothes in each answer although this is not critical.

To set up your phone, remember to always have it in the horizontal position — LANDSCAPE (in other words turn your phone on its side). You can do it in portrait mode if you wish, but you get better results with landscape. 

Please speak quite loudly and very clearly when you answer the questions. And remember to make sure the TV and radio are off and your phone is on silent, we want to minimize the amount of ambient noise that will come through in the background.


If you have a tripod use it, if not I use a few heavy books to keep your phone stable. Click on the link to answer the questions and do a test run, so that you can check the background, the sound and the level of your voice.


After you have answered your questions, hit SEND and they will automatically be sent to the team at My Video Memories.

Attach any photos / videos you want to be displayed in your video via the Upload Your Files tab. Please make sure to label your files or send through a sheet with the image numbers and descriptions. 

You're all done - now wait for your amazing My Video Memories video.

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