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5 Question Package

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Zoom Interview

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Bespoke Interview

Video Memories creating a family history legacy video
  • 5 Question Package


Bespoke Interview Package

Email us your details and we will contact you to arrange a specific quote for your job.

This can range from a simple 20-minute interview in your house to full production.  It starts with a consultation. Tell us about the amazing person to be filmed. We’ll tell you how we make their remarkable stories into a fantastic documentary film for all our friends and family to see.

After learning a little more about the person being filmed, we come, set up the interview, and then film them about their lives in the comfort of their home. Edit takes about 4 weeks.

All of the lessons and stories are edited into a fantastic movie, just like on TV!

An interview to capture a family history legacy video

Bespoke Interview Package


Zoom Interview Package

Select a date and time for your Zoom interview. We will send you a list of questions and you select around 15-20 questions. Email back to us the questions you have selected. At the appointment date, we will send you a Zoom request (via your email) and all you do is click on the link and enter the Zoom interview. We arrange for you to send photos and videos for us to include in your final cut video.

  1. You select a time and date for the interview.

  2. We send you a list of questions and you select the ones you want to answer. You can include questions you would like us to ask.

  3. We send you an invitation to Zoom (as per the agreed time you have selected) and we conduct the interview and record the answers.

  4. At the end of the session, we will edit, top and tail, and return you a 10-minute video story, with your pictures and videos, all completed about you and your family from your own home.

Grandparents creating a family history legacy video

Zoom Interview Package




5 Question Package

Our starter package is the perfect place to begin your journey with My Video Memories. Through our integrated video platform, we send you a link with the '5 Questions' and you just hit reply, video your answer (on your phone, tablet or computer) and we edit, top and tail and return you a 15 minute video story, all completed from your home.

  1. We email you the link to our integrated video platform.

  2. When you're ready, you 'Record Your Answer' via your phone, tablet, or computer. Don't worry - there's no rush! It's all at your own pace (and you can do it multiple times or start again if you make a mistake). 

  3. Once you've completed the last of the 5 Video Questions, you simply enter your name and email in the space provided, and then click the final button to send us your answers. It's that easy! 

  4. We send you a link with the combined and EDITED video, for you to keep and share as a memento of some of the most magical memories from your life. Enjoy! 


5 Question Package



5 Questions
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